Topics Include:

  • Awakening Into Choice,
  • Hoola Hoop Flow Artistry – Embodying activation through spiraling energy,
  • How to Cultivate Clarity,
  • Agile Learning Centers – Human’s natural state is to learn,
  • Living in the Emergent,
  • Mission to Activate 1 Million Light Workers – “Twerk-aba” Grounding Technique,
  • Shiva-Shakti Integration – How to build structure and flow into your reality,
  • Inspiration for laughter – “Laughs are more powerful than screams.” — Monster’s Inc

Kiana Prema is an Intuitive Brand Engineer, Business Growth Strategist, and lover of life! She lives in Sedona, AZ so when she’s not in her office helping her clients make 6 & 7 figure Leaps in their business you’ll find her playing in the energy vortexes of the red rocks