Topics Include: EarthWalkUnited.org; Awareness & Responsibility; Opposition vs. Understanding; Reclaiming Power; Sexual Trauma; Differential Abuse; Drama Triangle; Me-3 Movement; Covid-19 and Facemasks…

Tzadik HaNachash is a visionary leader dedicated to uniting humanity within a diverse global culture of peace. He specializes in creating systems for ongoing human and planetary transformation. The major vehicle through which he does this is Earth Walk – an organization he founded in 2005 and to which he is the Global Council Chair for. Earth Walk currently has Team Members spread across 4 continents and is growing daily. Earth Walk is dedicated toward creating a world where people are taught to live as love in action, and embody it regularly. Earth Walk believes the key ingredient to creating a global culture of peace is love….

To find out more visit earthwalkunited.org/tribe333
Facebook at Facebook.com/EarthWalkUnited
Me 3 movement: https://me3.org