Topics Include:

  1. Rock Bottom/Ego Death and the humbling of Self
  2. Co-Signing, Accountability, & Consent
  3. The time to “Keep It Real”
  4. Oneness and the Illusion of Separation
  5. Peace & Joy as a State of Being
  6. Harmonious-Balance coming from within through Higher Consciousness
  7. Sacred Energy Xchange – Orgasmic energy and Semen Retention

Colbert Saint-Laurent, “the Alchemist”, is a trained Meditation and Sacred Sexuality practitioner, an Inner Alchemy Facilitator, as well as a Life & Business Coach. He has spent years practicing and acquiring complete knowledge and understanding in the eastern Art of Meditation & Tantra from some of the world’s greatest masters. Colbert was able to transform his life into divine positive light. Through guidance and allowing Source to illuminate him on his path, he was able to awaken his soul purpose as a healer. He has a gift for helping his clients tap into their highest potential and align with their Soul purpose.

  • Founder/Managing Partner www.zencationretreats.com
  • IG @iam_thealchemist
  • IAMthealchemist27@gmail.com
  • 646-450-9789