We Are Love Podcast

By: Chris & Chris

Inspiration for how to live a more authentic, meaningful, joyful life through modern masculinity and love.

Topics focus on:

  • what it means to be a man;
  • sex, intimacy, and relationships;
  • handling anger and ego;
  • creating boundaries and safe space;
  • any issues related to modern masculinity.


Content: Mature Audience Suggested

Chris Correia
Chris Correia
Chris Whitcoe
Chris Correia



11: #11 Energetically Androgenous with Jason Wrobel

  • How to navigate life as a sensitive, emotionally evolved man.
  • The relationship between mental health and social media.
  • Vegan/Raw Food Lifestyle.
  • Finding balance in taking care of Self and serving the World.
  • What does Life want?
  • Toxicity in the Social Media/Capitalism Paradigm.
  • The immense power of Intention and how it colors our experience.
  • Biohacking with Intention.
  • Healthy/Toxic Masculinity.
  • Self-Sabotage and the Success Trap.
  • Living a life of Authenticity and Detaching from Transactional Relationships.
  • The illusion of Scarcity, Lack-Consciousness, and Hoarding

Jason Wrobel is the bestselling author of the Hay House cookbook and lifestyle guide, Eaternity. As the first ever plant-based chef with a primetime television series, his groundbreaking show “How to Live to 100” on Cooking Channel and Food Network Canada taught millions of people how to prepare delicious, organic, healthy meals at home. Described as the love child of Jim Carrey and Alton Brown, he infuses his live events, videos and teachings with a relentless drive to grow and a lighthearted, joyful approach to health and wellness.


#10 Embodying Flow State with Kiana Prema

Topics Include:

  • Awakening Into Choice,
  • Hoola Hoop Flow Artistry – Embodying activation through spiraling energy,
  • How to Cultivate Clarity,
  • Agile Learning Centers – Human’s natural state is to learn,
  • Living in the Emergent,
  • Mission to Activate 1 Million Light Workers – “Twerk-aba” Grounding Technique,
  • Shiva-Shakti Integration – How to build structure and flow into your reality,
  • Inspiration for laughter – “Laughs are more powerful than screams.” — Monster’s Inc

Kiana Prema is an Intuitive Brand Engineer, Business Growth Strategist, and lover of life! She lives in Sedona, AZ so when she’s not in her office helping her clients make 6 & 7 figure Leaps in their business you’ll find her playing in the energy vortexes of the red rocks

#9 Shifting into the Quantum with Shawna Pelton

Topics Include:

  • Victim Consciousness.
  • Ho’oponopono and processing trauma.
  • Quantum S.H.I.F.T. Process.
  • Unoffendability – The ninja art of “Living Unoffendable”.
  • QuantumShift.us – Inner Power Circle commUNITY.
  • Spiritual Alchemy.
  • Psychedelics – MDMA and Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

Shawna Pelton helpsheart-centered, open-minded people attain fundamental wellbeing, live a more empowered, self-confident, and emotionally balanced life by creating a Quantum SHIFT. Learn how to minimize the voice of the inner critic and follow the impulse of your innermost Self so you can embody your personal power, be a creator over your own destiny, heal and love your life again.

#8 Feeling Special Forces with Alex Bristol

Topics Include: Embodying positive masculinity in a time of conflict. Challenges of patience when finding a partner. Special Forces, Army Green Beret, OCD, PTSD, Cults, Healing, Alan Watts / Ram Das, Forgiveness, Splitting Wood.

Alex Bristol has had plenty of varied experiences, from serving in the Army as a Green Beret, to working in the banking industry during the Great Recession. “I have always been drawn to polarizing experiences to develop a greater awareness of my surrounding environment.”

In 2018 he participated in an Ibogaine ceremony for Special Operations Vets that forever changed his life, an irreversible perspective shift. Within months he left his job at a defense company and began to pursue a more meaningful life consisting of quality relationships, nature immersion, and surrendering to the divine feminine.

ig: @Spirit_Trekking

#7 Living the Divine Feminine with Aiesha Cosmos

With over 20 years of experience in reading and practicing the Mayan Calendar and 19 years in Tulum, Aiesha weaves the ancient wisdom of archetypal storytelling as she channels an interpretation of your life journey; all the while highlighting the profound guidelines and recommendations this ancient practice has in store for you.

#6 Responding into Universal Masculine with Jason Rotman

Topics Include:

  • Anger
  • Healthy Expression
  • Giving Self Permission
  • Jesus/Krisnha/Buddha
  • Vibrant Super Foods
  • Raw Food
  • Love

Jason Rotman is a finance and insurance professional and has been in the financial industry since 2002. He also is a published artist, with a poetry book (72 Messages of Love) on Amazon and a sacred chant/kirtan album on the major streaming platforms under the group name Krishna’s Kirtan.

#5 Waking up to the Truth of Who We Are with Paul Fiske

Topics include: Saying yes to life. Feeling lost in drugs, sex, food & tv. Loving what is. Righteous Anger. Being human. Not ‘Spiritualizing’ things away. Effects of trauma.

Paul Fiske has extensive experience in navigating the terrain of what stands in the way of awakening to one’s true self. His 35 years of self evolutionary practice seeded within him the embodied understanding of what’s necessary to face into and become intimate with held traumas that keep us from our true joy. Paul has launched NourishingSoul.com, a coaching practice dedicated to assisting individuals to befriend all parts of themselves and help liberate you into becoming the master of your own unique journey.

Paul currently resides in Maui, Hawaii.
You can call or text Paul at 808-283-2572.

#4 What is True & Alive with Tzadik HaNachash

Topics Include: EarthWalkUnited.org; Awareness & Responsibility; Opposition vs. Understanding; Reclaiming Power; Sexual Trauma; Differential Abuse; Drama Triangle; Me-3 Movement; Covid-19 and Facemasks…

Tzadik HaNachash is a visionary leader dedicated to uniting humanity within a diverse global culture of peace. He specializes in creating systems for ongoing human and planetary transformation. The major vehicle through which he does this is Earth Walk – an organization he founded in 2005 and to which he is the Global Council Chair for. Earth Walk currently has Team Members spread across 4 continents and is growing daily. Earth Walk is dedicated toward creating a world where people are taught to live as love in action, and embody it regularly. Earth Walk believes the key ingredient to creating a global culture of peace is love….

To find out more visit earthwalkunited.org/tribe333
Facebook at Facebook.com/EarthWalkUnited
Me 3 movement: https://me3.org

#3 Spiritual Alchemy & Sacred Sexuality with Colbert Saint-Laurent

Topics Include:

  1. Rock Bottom/Ego Death and the humbling of Self
  2. Co-Signing, Accountability, & Consent
  3. The time to “Keep It Real”
  4. Oneness and the Illusion of Separation
  5. Peace & Joy as a State of Being
  6. Harmonious-Balance coming from within through Higher Consciousness
  7. Sacred Energy Xchange – Orgasmic energy and Semen Retention

Colbert Saint-Laurent, “the Alchemist”, is a trained Meditation and Sacred Sexuality practitioner, an Inner Alchemy Facilitator, as well as a Life & Business Coach. He has spent years practicing and acquiring complete knowledge and understanding in the eastern Art of Meditation & Tantra from some of the world’s greatest masters. Colbert was able to transform his life into divine positive light. Through guidance and allowing Source to illuminate him on his path, he was able to awaken his soul purpose as a healer. He has a gift for helping his clients tap into their highest potential and align with their Soul purpose.

  • Founder/Managing Partner www.zencationretreats.com
  • IG @iam_thealchemist
  • IAMthealchemist27@gmail.com
  • 646-450-9789

#2 Sexual Empowerment! with Dr. Shelly Persad

Topics include:

  1. Sexual Self Awareness
  2. Honoring the Masculine and Feminine
  3. #NoNutNovember
  4. deeper ways to connect with your masculine
  5. Confident in connection, presence, and sex with feminine women.
  6. Self Shame vs. Judgement Free
  7. Polarities in and out of the bedroom
  8. Communication and Trust

Dr. Shelly is a sexual empowerment coach, chiropractor, tantra teacher, and medicine woman who helps women and men heal from abuse, relationship traumas, ancestral karma, and sexual wounds. Her passion is guiding people home to the truth of who they are as divine sexual beings.She skillfully bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and modern-day science, blending techniques and knowledge from her extensive background in consciousness modalities, tantra, Taoism, quantum physics, neuroscience, energy work, chiropractic, breathwork, plant medicine and shamanic rituals.