Topics include:

  1. Sexual Self Awareness
  2. Honoring the Masculine and Feminine
  3. #NoNutNovember
  4. deeper ways to connect with your masculine
  5. Confident in connection, presence, and sex with feminine women.
  6. Self Shame vs. Judgement Free
  7. Polarities in and out of the bedroom
  8. Communication and Trust

Dr. Shelly is a sexual empowerment coach, chiropractor, tantra teacher, and medicine woman who helps women and men heal from abuse, relationship traumas, ancestral karma, and sexual wounds. Her passion is guiding people home to the truth of who they are as divine sexual beings.She skillfully bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and modern-day science, blending techniques and knowledge from her extensive background in consciousness modalities, tantra, Taoism, quantum physics, neuroscience, energy work, chiropractic, breathwork, plant medicine and shamanic rituals.