Transformagickal Breathwork

Join Christopher and Kharma for this soul deep journey using an alchemy of breath, touch, sound and vibration!

Together, we create the energetic space for healingsafe, judgement free, open to self-expression and releasing of energies. You are held safe. You are safe to express your soul and fully integrate as the Divine Being you came here to be.

Are you ready to meet you where you truly are and access the Divinity that lives within you? Deep shifts are possible, so be aware and ready.

Within the swirl of Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, the healing journey is yours.

I incorporate an amalgam of medicines to hold space and facilitate you to heal yourself.  I am proud to be a carrier of Sacred Drum Medicine. 

I use Medicine Drum, crystal bowls, gong, voice, soul retrieval, crystals and crystal grids as well as breathwork to assist you in moving the trapped energies in your spirit and physical tissues.  The body is then free to begin healing and restoring balance once more.

Honoring the magnificence of love, authenticity, and intention combined with the ever-present reality of electric and magnetic energy fields, I have learned how to create a space that is supportive and nourishing for the human body’s innate healing abilities.

I want to share this experience with the you and be a conduit along our journey to improved health, higher consciousness, and a deeper connection with our world.

Christopher and Kharma’s goal is to create a container that is imbued with safety, consciousness, presence, love, and awareness.  

We use a various array of modalities to create a safe space for participants to mindfully enter into the present moment and experience deeper self-connection and manifestation. 

We strive to teach and provide the collective with methods on how to cultivate and live more grounded, breath-nourished, Transformagickal lives for our vibrant nature and being!!

Reasons for a Transformagickal Breathwork Ceremony include, but are not limited to:
  1. Clearing of emotional/physical/spiritual blockages
  2. Reduction in pain, anxiety, and stress
  3. Decrease in nausea/headache/cyclic processing
  4. Supports the body’s natural healing process and unique-sense of well-being
  5. Rate of Manifestation and Rejuvenation
  6. Energetic-Emotional-Mental-Spiritual-Physical Support

What to Bring?

  1. Water
  2. Comfy Blanket or Pillow (optional)
  3. Journal (optional)


  1. Hydration
  2. Journaling
  3. Individual Session options w/ Christopher or Kharma