Service: Energy Work

Christopher is incredibly powerful and extremely gifted. Working with him has improved the quality of my life and I look forward to my next session. He’s helped me clear negative emotions, creative blocks and obstacles standing in the way of success. He’s great! We are all lucky to have him here on the Earth with us. If you need physical, emotional or spiritual help, I wholeheartedly recommend Christopher.


Service: Group Facilitation

I recently hosted a women’s retreat in Park City, UT. It was an honor to have Chris Correia from We Are Love facilitate a sound healing session, energy clearing, Qi Gong, and to share his gifts and wisdom around each modality making it comfortable for everyone to understand and experience. The whole experience was amazing. The manner in which he explains his services and then shares them with so much love and compassion is life changing. He gave us each a glimpse of how using such modalities can create so much more peace and positive energy in our daily lives. Each woman at the retreat shared that they felt lighter, more clear and more peaceful after Chris’s sessions. I highly recommend working with Chris – it will bring so much more clarity and peace into your life. I know it did for me.


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